Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Not guilty--update

Okay, now that I've watched several hours of coverage and thought about it even more, I am still surprised at the verdict for Casey Anthony, but I have a little more understanding--thanks to Savannah Guthrie (yes, she's on Today now, but she's also the chief legal analyst for NBC) talking to my fave, B-Dub, on Nightly News, and empathizing with the jurors more than other correspondents have.  Basically she said that the jurors stuck to their instructions and the letter of the law--and that appears to be true.  Some other reporter earlier, after talking to one of the alternate jurors asked something like, "Does common sense totally go out of the window when it comes to reasonable doubt?"  Combine that with what Savannah said.....and it's so true!!  Common sense goes out the window and jurors are scared/paranoid/obsessed with making sure they are following their instructions.  When I was a juror, I found myself thinking, of course this guy is guilty......but.....is he guilty *enough* and am I absolutely *positive* to say he's guilty?  I knew my guy was going to prison......these jurors knew Casey Anthony might DIE because of their decision.  Savannah told Brian Williams something to the effect of "it is one thing to sit around the dinner table and talk about this with friends and family......but it is quite another to deliberate it in court."

More *tot mom* updates from Nancy Grace on attack later on, I'm sure!!

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