Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Not guilty

The verdict is in, and Casey Anthony has been found not guilty.  Still not exactly sure how this case became famous--I'm sure there are plenty of similar cases across the country (how else would shows like Law & Order and Medium get story ideas??)  I've been watching Nancy Grace's coverage because I like hearing her say "tot mom" and "justice for Kay-uhl-ee."  Nancy Grace has said that jury selection will make or break your case.  It's strange to me that nearly everyone.....on Facebook, Twitter, interviewed on the news......is totally shocked that Casey Anthony was found not guilty......yet somehow, 12 of their "peers" came to this decision.  Nancy Grace has even speculated about Stockholm Syndrome as reasoning for the absurd verdict.

I am totally shocked about the same things as everyone else....that the verdict came back so soon.....that the jury didn't ask to review any evidence or transcripts during deliberations.....that Casey Anthony got off.  I was glad that the jury decided not to talk to media--at least they aren't talking yet.  I have no idea why they made the decision they did.....but I can empathize with them.  I didn't like being on a jury....and I had the benefit of not even knowing what my guy's sentence would be.  I wouldn't have minded being on this jury though......because I would write a book and make bank.

It might be more punishment for Casey Anthony to live in public than in the protection of prison....???  I'd get out of the country if I were her.....

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