Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not much to report....

Rob and I spent the weekend at Maddy's Again and The Longest Yard.  Champagne at home.  Still a million degrees outside.  I'm dying for school to start.  It turned out to be pretty brutal not having any classes or anything this summer.....okay, I had one class, but it was online and not very engaging.  Also turns out that everyone else I know actually has a job in the summer, imagine that!  I'm looking forward to/dreading finishing my admin degree this fall because....what will I do after that??  I see all kinds of jobs in the paper every week for counselors.....maybe I should get a counseling degree......

Laura took a couple days off this week since her sister was staying with her, so we went mini-golfing/sweating our butts off one afternoon.  Pretty fun even though I got owned!!

These two are pros!!

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