Monday, August 15, 2011


My birthday week/summer is OVER--Rob has made that quite clear :))) Teachers go back to school tomorrow, and I'm so ready to see all my colleagues again and see what they've been up to. We had an especially long summer this year, as we got out early and started later.....pretty much an extra two weeks of summer. Kids come back Monday!

We capped off my birthday *week* (as it turned out to be) with going out with some great friends on Saturday night. Had a blast! Italian at Cosi Cucina and then went to my fave--Ducktail/Duckblind Lounge. Love that place! I've had so much fun spending time with my best friends over the last week.

Today the fence guys (Grumpy & Dopey) finally came. Said they should be done with the fence Tuesday morning. When they first got here this morning, I went out to see if they needed any pop or water or anything. Actually, I kind of figured they would decline (they did, as Dopey said he had just stopped at the gas station), but I mostly wanted them to see that a real person lived in this house and that a real person would want an amazing job done on her fence/yard/property.

Grumpy proceeded to tell me that he had identified several wasps in the yard, and do I have any wasp spray? No, I do not, but do they sell that at Walmart, and would you like me to go get some? Grumpy said it was either that or he wears a coat while putting up my fence, which I thought was a little drastic in the 80-some-degree weather. I almost asked him if he wanted me to pick up a first-aid kit too or an EpiPen perhaps?

I feel like fence people should be prepared for that type of thing. For example, even though I am an eighth grade reading teacher, I am still prepared for the fact that snot ends up a lot of places in my classroom--seemingly unrelated to the task at hand (Clorox wipes with the books.......wasp spray with the fence posts)--but absolutely necessary to be prepared for.

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