Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Minneapolis trip to see the Red Sox

Red Sox beat the Twins Monday night 8-6. We had a great day before the game.......ate at Casper's & Runyon's Nook (Guy Fieri went there, and the burgers looked phenom, so we thought we better try it---burgers were awesome!!).....shopped at Macy's and H&M.......then watched a really great game of baseball that turned out to be even better because our team won!!!

David Ortiz just seconds away from hitting a two run homer to help get the Red Sox back in it!!....and eventually win it!!

Ellen DeGeneres happened to be at the game too--they showed her on the big screen, and she also posted this picture on Facebook......pretty cool!! She was in the left field corner and we were on the right side along the first base line......not that we would have seen her anyway because I'm sure she was sitting in a sweet box!!

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