Sunday, September 04, 2011

More driving....

Yesterday I met my parents in Toledo for some greasy food at Maid Rite and to drop off Lilly.  My parents are pretty much running a dog park right now, as Andy & Shristi's dog is there too.  So they've got Cooter, Missy, Tember, and Lilly.  Regular zoo.

Last night we went to Ames to watch the Cyclones barely get by the Panthers.  I thought going to the game would renew my passion for Cyclone football, but it basically made me ten times more excited for Hawkeye football.  The Cyclones are just so bad.  Hope they improve.

Now Rob and I are in the car on the way to Rochester to see Rob's mom.  McDonald's breakfast, fountain diet Coke and we are off.  Rob has spent a lot of time driving on 35 lately.....and he will be doing it again next week when we are back in Ames for the Iowa/Iowa St game. I will wear Cyclone attire to the game because I can't appear to be a traitor on the outside.

Rob keeps telling me I'm annoying....I asked if he would rather listen to me talk to him or listen to me talk on the phone......his response, "oh God....give me a minute to decide...."

More later......

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