Thursday, June 14, 2012

38.5 wks

Not much change in what I look like from last week.....except the fact that I wear tanks and yoga or lounge pants at home and just hope that no one comes over and that the UPS man never wants to actually talk to me!!  I'm pretty sure that my neighbors think I've been pregnant longer than Jessica Simpson was, so they have given up on asking me many questions and I suppose are just assuming, like I am, that I will be pregnant until October!!

At my 38 wk appt on Tuesday, the dr suddenly decided that I was measuring small and that I needed an ultrasound to be sure that the baby is good size.  Everything checked out fine with his size and the ultrasound tech estimated him to be somewhere between 6.5 and 7 lbs.  I've read over and over again though that late ultrasounds are inaccurate, so I'm taking that number with a grain of salt.  He could be 6lbs or 8lbs for all they know.  My amniotic fluid measured a bit lower this week from my ultrasound last week, so I will have another ultrasound at my appt on Wednesday to check that.  I'm sure there must be more to it than what I see, but the way the ultrasound tech seems to measure fluid when I watch it on the screen looks to be extremely imprecise, so it makes no sense to me how they really know if my fluid is lower or not.

I'm pretty sure I'll still be pregnant and going to that appt next week, so we will see what the next ultrasound says!!

Lilly loves having me home every day and being in the yard and going on walks.  Mostly she still loves to sleep a lot and be right next to me if I'm sitting in the lounge chair on the deck!!

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