Sunday, July 08, 2012

Lilly adjusting to baby

We really had no clue how our dog Lilly would do with Mace once we were all home for good.  And we did absolutely nothing to prepare for it.

My parents were nice enough to take Lilly for the first week that we had Mace so that we could adjust to having a baby.  When Lilly came home, she kind of moped around, which we attributed to 1) being worn out from all the exercise she gets out in the country and 2) seeing another little creature living in her house and of course 3) Lilly likes my parents' house better than ours.

After a week of everyone home, I think Lilly is adjusting pretty well.  When Mace cries and one of us takes him to eat or get a new diaper, Lilly tags along, seeming to wonder what's going on with the new little creature.  When I feed Mace in his room, she curls up in the corner right underneath the A/C vent.  If he is sitting in his Baby Bjorn bouncer or his Rock n Play Sleeper, she will sometimes do a kind of drive-by lick.  She will go up to him just to see what's up, lick him, and be on her way.

So far so good, I guess??

Rob did find this article (that came out today!) which justifies raising babe with pup.


  1. i think they will grow up and be best friends! the drive by licking is adorable. loved getting to spend time with Mace this weekend, thanks for having us over.

  2. Mace is so cute! Congratulations again:)