Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting out of the house

Mace is three weeks old today!  Time is still flying by.  

Mace is out right I have time to write.....

Highlights of the week......Rob's aunt Laurie and cousin Kim stopped by on Sunday to see Mace and also brought some amazing gifts.  Here is the quilt that Laurie made for's so cute!  Kim has made hats and bibs for Mace.....and pictures of him in the hats will be VERY cute when I get them on him and he is not howling :))

A couple of my friends from work stopped by this week too, and I was so grateful to catch up with them and have some adult interaction!  I have great friends.  It's been tough with Rob at the office nearly every day now.  

Now that it has cooled off somewhat the last few days, we've all been able to get out of the house in the evening for a stroll!  Mace looovvves being pushed in his stroller!  He is wide awake and totally calm the entire time.....just looks around and waits for Lilly to peek her head in on him now and then.  Pretty sure I won't be able to handle walking Lilly with the stroller by myself any time soon, but I would prefer we all go together anyway :))

Mace and Lilly ready to get out of the house!!  ME TOO.....

This morning.....cuddled up with me while I finally 

I hear a crying baby.....the good thing about Mace's cries is right now they really only mean diaper or food.  Most of the time, I'm hoping it's diaper!  

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