Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy to be one month old!

Can't believe our little guy has been with us for a month already.  I keep thinking Is this really how long being pregnant is?......doing this nine times?  That doesn't seem so long!  This month has gone so fast, and while I am definitely not over the whole pregnancy/birth/aftermath situation, I am starting to see how time flies with children and how people might actually decide to purposely have more little ones.

So Mace turned one month this weekend and Mart to the grandpa of a one-month-old :))  We had so much fun with him here on his birthday weekend.  Mace did a great job on our outings to restaurants and stores, so that helped make a pleasant time for everyone :))  Ryan came Saturday so we could all go out to eat together....and somehow our server figured out it was Mart's birthday.....and they had the whole crew sing "Happy birthday, dear CHICO" and gave him a shot of tequila.  Pretty funny!

Other exciting news....bath time!  Our lives have definitely changed lately because we think things like bath time are the absolute best!  We had been giving Mace sponge baths until this week.  He HATES sponge baths.  He howled every time.  He LOVES being dunked in a nice warm real bath.

 First bath at the hospital...... and now at one month old!  How cute is he.....Getting bigger every day!

A couple videos.....Mace's first bath at the hospital.....such a tiny little guy.....howling......he did not care for it at all......then his first real bath at home.....loving it!

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