Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daddy Daycare

was in full swing this last week, as I worked a couple half days last week, had open house for our new 8-9 school one evening, and went to the first two days of school this week.  It was nice to be back at school with my coworkers and all the kids, and it was especially nice knowing that Mace was home with Dad.  We will see how I do once Mace starts daycare.  I am trying to think of daycare as baby school.....I can handle that a little better than thinking of it just as daycare....

The first two days of school were definitely more exhausting than usual!  Mace hasn't been sleeping great the last few nights, and I'm an insomniac if he wakes up anytime past 2:30am.  I just lay there awake thinking about how exhausted I will be if I don't get to sleep......then I get more and more frustrated and anxious as more time passes.  And then....it's time for Mace to get up again!  Not that big of a deal while I'm home with him, but when I have to face a class of 30 fourteen-year-olds at 8am, it's not so great!  Hopefully he gets back to sleeping better this week......he's slept through the night once......I'd love that to happen more often.  Add to lack of sleep my general poor nutrition because I just don't seem to find time to eat....and I feel (and probably look) pretty zombie-like.  Best parts of school though.......seeing the kids, being with all the teachers, and dressing like a professional instead of a yoga instructor (and I have never done yoga in my life).

Besides being tired, the first days of school were great.....it's fun to be in a new school and have all new stuff.....our library looks like Barnes & Noble with all new books and comfy chairs......and the school is HUGE.....it takes about ten minutes to get anywhere compared to what seemed like 20 seconds at the old school.  I'm going to be sooooo skinny walking around that place!!  :D

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