Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Mace, Lilly, and I tackled our first walk without Dad today.  Definitely a challenge to do both stroller and leash....especially since Lilly often gets curious when we pass other dogs, joggers, bikers, motorcycles, fire hydrants.....grass.  You get the idea.  My strategy is to only loosely hold on to the stroller with the hand that has the leash.....so that when Lilly decides to suddenly detour, she doesn't take Mace along.  Went really well, Lilly walked next to Mace the whole time.  It's great weather this week, so we better get in some walks while we still can!

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  1. kris shonka10:41 PM

    When we go on gator runs,Lilly stays right by the gator.I dont know if she thinks she is on a leash or what.