Sunday, October 07, 2012

One thing I won't do

I don't think I'm an overly protective mom.  I worry about things but not excessively.  After being addicted to the BabyCenter app for my entire pregnancy + the first couple months of Mace's life, I've chilled out with needing to feel like we are normal and on pace with all the other June babies.

There is one thing I won't do though.  And it probably seems pretty dumb compared with the things that some moms are passionate about like making sure their kid only has breast milk for an entire year or figuring out how to live on one salary to stay home with their child.

I refuse to let my child wear a camouflage shirt.

There was a Dateline or 20/20 story a couple years ago about a kid who went missing and was wearing a cute camouflage outfit.  They really had their work cut out for them as search parties looked everywhere for the kid.  I'm not sure the kid was ever found.  The parents didn't think anything of it I'm sure when they got him dressed in the morning.  After all, camo is pretty on-trend.  I am even considering buying these pants because they are basically neutral and could go with a lot of stuff.

Even though I work in a school.  Not thick jungle brush.

Mace does have some great camo shorts and camo socks.  Which I pair with things like bright stripes.  Even though he isn't even old enough to go wandering off, this is just something I am against on principle and the what-if factor......not necessarily because of sense.

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