Friday, November 02, 2012

4 month milestones

  • TEETH.....Mace's first tooth broke through on Halloween.  Now it's pretty clear that not just one but TWO bottom teeth are coming in.  I am in shock!  I can't keep my fingers out of his mouth now.....checking to be sure that, yep, the teeth are really there.
  • Rolling over......Mace can roll from tummy to back pretty well now.  Loves to roll on to his sides when he's laying on his back. 
  • Sleeping......has gotten better this last week or so.  I'm thinking that the waking up screaming had a lot to do with teething.....other than that, he hasn't been fussy at all.  He still sleeps in his Rock N Play Sleeper but will sometimes sleep flat on his back in his crib at daycare.  One of these nights we will get the courage to just tough it out and have him sleep flat on his back no matter how many times he wakes up......but yeah.....hasn't happened yet!
  • Eating......3-4oz at a time from a bottle at daycare.  Eats better now that he has a faster nipple on his bottle.  We started oatmeal just for fun because Dr. Z said we could.  Turns out it isn't actually as fun as you think it would be.  Mostly the oatmeal ends up on his bib.  Mace seems quite indifferent to the whole thing, so we aren't making it a daily ritual or anything just yet.
  • Diapers.......still size 3 Costco.  Really like these.
  • Clothes......fits into a variety of sizes.  All the new stuff I've bought lately is 6m+ and fits fine.  He can still wear most of his 3 and 3-6 month stuff though.  Unfortunately I've discovered BabyGap lately.  Other than Zara, it is my favorite place to find cute boy clothes.  Luckily I am sensible enough to know that as he grows so quickly, it isn't worth spending a lot of money on clothes......but I've caved a couple times to get him some really cute things.  Target is one of my favorite stores to shop but is a major disgrace when it comes to baby boy clothes sadly to say.  If I have a girl someday it will be GAME OVER because Target is jam-packed with CUTE girly stuff!

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