Saturday, November 10, 2012

Baby's first Christmas ideas....

What to get a six-month-old for Christmas......I really have no clue.  I've been on the hunt lately.  Several people have told me that Mace will likely enjoy the packaging best of I should probably just get some really crinkly wrapping paper and wrap up some cardboard boxes and call it good.  

But I probably won't.

These are my ideas so far from blogs I follow, Pinterest, and Amazon.

Doggies book.  There is a preview of this on Amazon and when I read it to Mace, he cracked up!  
Cardigan onesie.  So dang cute but probably more than I'm willing to spend on one outfit for Mace.  Sometimes I'll spend a little more on outfits that I know will photograph well.  Anyway, I like the idea of this one.
Feel and Learn soft book.  We have board books but no soft ones.
ettiquette socks.  Why the heck do cute baby socks cost a lot?  Like the idea, but will find something inexpensive.
giggle organic giraffe.  The size is good on this one.  It's cute and Mace doesn't have many things of this size to hold, stuff in his mouth, and take along with him in the car.  I'm a sucker for stripes.
Lamaze stacking rings.  Cuter than the plastic ones.  Different textures for baby to play with and suck on.
Le Petit Tom mocassins.  Unfortunately I found these on Pinterest a while back and only recently realized the company is based in the Netherlands.  And the prices are....high....and in Euros.  The shoes on the site are CRAZY CUTE.  I won't order from them though.  I really like these Ralph Lauren ones and might get them if I could find the right sale combined with Ebates.
Kid O Go Car.  Great reviews.  Simple toy.
The Polar Express.  We are going to try to snag the copy from Rob's parents' basement.  Love this book.  This is one story that I think every kid truly imagines happening to them when they are little.  

Not sure what Mace is ACTUALLY going to get for Christmas yet.  Pretty sure on the books, car, and giraffe. When it comes to clothes, I am usually pretty good at finding ideas for what I like, and then finding the same type of stuff for prices I'm more willing to pay.  I see it as a challenge and usually I succeed :))


  1. I bought some of the ettiquette socks for my son at they have pretty good sales and they are so cute I couldn't help myself, that said I don't think that they will fit him any time soon. He is only 5 weeks old but they are definetly worth getting some.

    1. Thanks for the info!! I feel like socks are about the best way to accessorize with boys :)). Plus I can't resist stripes!