Sunday, December 02, 2012

5 month milestones

  • still pretty torturous/nonexistent round here.  Over Thanksgiving we had a solid four nights of sleep for some mystery reason that we are very sad we cannot pinpoint and replicate.  Otherwise, Mace is still getting up several times a night.  We have tried letting him cry, but after 20 minutes, he still didn't let up. I'm not ready to let him cry longer than that.  One day he is magically just going to start sleeping really well, I KNOW IT *fingers crossed*
  • Clothes......size 6 months, 6-12 month size in Gap and Old Navy.  Still size 3 Costco diapers.  Probably will need size 4 in another month.
  • Sitting  Doesn't really topple over unless he wants to.  Uses both hands to play while he's sitting.  
  • Babbling and singing......all. the. time. ....especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings when we'd like to go back to sleep.
  • Jumping in the Jumperoo is a major favorite the last six weeks or so.  Thankfully we still have two higher settings on it, so he won't outgrow it for a while.  Glad we decided to borrow my mom's instead of shelling out 90 bucks for one.  It takes up a lot of room and isn't so great to look at when it's not in use.  
  • Eating........4 oz bottles at daycare.  I'm still nursing him at night and pumping at school, but I'm on my way to being done with that.  It's just getting old (as opposed to new and fun and exciting like it used to be!  HA).  Eats oatmeal like a champ at night.  He LOVES that stuff.  Dr. Z told us to start with rice cereal but after seeing that 20/20 or 60 Minutes, whatever it was, about how there's arsenic in rice, I decided Dr. Mom knew better and went with oatmeal.  Last night we decided to give sweet potatoes a whirl.  Mace was not a fan.  You'd have thought we were feeding him dirt the way he scrunched up his face and WAILED.
  • Coming up.......gonna have to figure out how to sleep better at night, how the heck we are ever going to get him out of his rock n play and into his crib, and at some point in the next few months I anticipate switching to a convertible carseat.  All a bunch of stuff I am NOT looking forward to.


  1. just found your site from The Daybook and i love it! your little guy is just precious, you have a beautiful family. :)

    1. Thank you :)) and thanks for stopping by :))