Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa baby

It has been a long couple weeks at the Brown house.  The flu struck again at the beginning of the week.....Rob got what I had last week.  And somehow Mace has remained healthy.  Happy and healthy and in good enough spirits to be plopped in front of the Christmas tree yet again in his cute Santa jammies.

On top of fighting the flu, we have finally taken on the battle of getting Mace into his crib.  He is just too big for the rocker.....and even buckled in was getting to the point of making an escape.

Night #1 in the crib....Total nightmare.  All three of us were up all night.
Night #2 Rob was reeally sick so I went it alone.  Mace woke up every.single.hour.  Until 2:30.  Then slept a four hour stretch which was a pretty major success.
Night #3 Slept two long stretches and only woke up three times in the middle of the night.

Now we are on to night number four with a blizzard upon us.  Hoping for some sleep tonight and a snow day to snuggle and nap tomorrow!

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