Saturday, January 12, 2013

6 month milestones

Well now that Mace is almost 7 months old, I probably should get around to posting this.

  • Sleep.....has still been very bad for everyone.  We had sort of written Mace off as just-a-bad-sleeper-and-hopefully-he-will-outgrow-it-someday-shrug-shoulders.  And resigned ourselves to getting two to three hour chunks of sleep.  Until two nights ago.  We decided to try feeding him oatmeal right before bed again.  We used to do this, and it never seemed to help him sleep, but we decided to give it another shot.  Especially now that he eats nice thick oatmeal.  Definitely could be a coincidence, but the last two nights he has only gotten up once.  I am going to stuff this kid full of soooo much oatmeal every night!  The transition to his crib hasn't been quite as terrible as I imagined it would be.  Set your expectations reealllly low is one thing I've learned!  Then you can be pleasantly surprised when things aren't as awful as they could be.
  • Clothes.....9-12 month clothes.  Crazy to say that.  It's good now that he's getting in to 12 month clothes though because there are so many more options!
  • Diapers......size 4 Costco.  
  • Sitting up and rolling around expertly.  Starting to figure out how to wiggle and roll himself over to a toy he wants.  Crawling is coming soon I think!
  • Eating.....wish I could say I'm done nursing.  Christmas break was a setback because it was easier for me to nurse him than to make bottles.  Now that I'm back at work though, I'm hoping to be done soon.  I have already quit pumping at work.  Mace eats baby food at dinner time with us and instead of oatmeal as dessert, we will keep trying oatmeal just before I nurse him at bedtime.
  • Doc's measurements......26" long and 19 lbs 1 oz.  50th percentile for height and 75th for weight.  Chubby.  
  • getting more fun every day because Mace is actually interested in toys!  He has a best buddy just his age at daycare too, and they play with and babble to each other all day!
Mace LOVES the piano he got from Santa.  Here's my little Mozart.....


  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Awe! That is the cutest thing ever! He's adorable. I love babies.

    I come from a family of 8...For 21 years my mom has always been up with one of us in the night, and I know from seeing it with my younger siblings that yes, they do usually grow out of it :)

  2. hahaha, he's so cute! What a great toy!