Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Like there is no other time to go to the store

Just went to the grocery store about four hours before the next winter storm is about to hit.


Surely would have impressed anyone who could have looked down on the store like a Pac-Man game (so no one) with my mad-dashing around HyVee though.  Of course I was sans baby, had one of those mini-carts (yes those are different than child carts and no, I did not plan for the fact that I stuffed this cart to the brim and now it does not fit my groceries that are bagged up as I try to wheel them out to my car, thank you for asking Greg 1st Year Service), and a LIST (!) so that helped.

Then I came home to make some delish reuben sliders with my mom's homemade rye bread.  We had sort of an assembly line going in which I would make the sandwiches, Rob would put them on the griddle, Lilly would lick her chops, Mace would throw his toy from his high chair, and one of us would pick it up.  Repeat.  I declared my boredom and disdain for factory work after the second sandwich....but they were sooooo good....naturally because of my mom's bread.

And now The Big Question when there is a winter storm looming......would I rather be woken up in the morning to Hungry Mace or to an extra early call from my school district about a snow day.....


  1. Another winter storm? Yikes. No thank you. I hope you get a snow day!!

  2. Glad you liked the bread.Just put corned beef on my grocery list.

  3. Did you get your snow day?? I heard Ames and some Des Moines cities got one. Do you?? :)

    1. Yes! Everyone around here has a snow day today! Mace and I are still in our jammies snuggled up :)) Even Rob got to work from home today!

  4. Those reubens look DE-LISH!! :)

  5. SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!! I want one SOOOO badly! Jealous that you maybe got one!

  6. I'm subbing, currently, while I wait for a teaching job around me to open up (fingers crossed) and I got asked to come in for a three day stretch this week. Two of the three days were 2-hour late start days. Whoo hoo! The first day, I got up anyway and worked out (!), but the second day, I totally slept til like, 8:30. It was glorious.

    Hope you got to sleep in at least a little! Stay safe!

  7. snow day for sure!!! except in utah its the norm to get snow so we have never had a snow day. at least not for the 4 years that i've been here haha

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