Saturday, February 09, 2013

Child's Play

Mace has sort of figured out how to clap his hands (maybe singing patty cake a hundred times a day has actually paid off and taught a skill?!), so between that and knocking his block towers over, he has stayed occupied with the bare minimum lately.

We don't really have tons of toys at our house anyway (I'm sure that comes with a huge *YET*!), and this justifies to me that we don't need a lot of stuff for him.  I mean, half the time, he's perfectly amused playing with the zippers on my boots or the ties on my slippers!


  1. We didn't have many toys until about month 7. Marcus didn't really play with toys until about month 8. Now our house looks like Toys R Us threw up in here...

  2. Oh my goodness, your little man is adorable! Thank you for such a kind comment on my blog:). I look forward to learning more about your family:)! Oh, and I remember going out and finally buying my kid more toys when he was abut 7-8 months old lol!

  3. So precious!! He is so intrigued by the zipper on your boot!

  4. We got a ton of hand-me-down plastic crap, and I really wish we hadn't! Very awesome that he's so content to play with whatever. That's how it should be, IMO.

  5. That collage of pictures is adorable. Out of curiosity, what camera lens are you using? You've got some pretty sweet aperture.

    Mace is adorable by the way. What a happy little man!

    1. 50 mm. I know nothing about photography, but I sure like that lens!

  6. omgosh, he is too sweet for words! Mac *just* started clapping and by clapping I mean he bangs his hands together and they meet approximately 80% of the time. and he also yells "aaayyyyyyy" while doing it because, well, i'm always saying YAYYYYYYY MAC! or YAYYYYYY Carter! ha! i love it. clapping is one of my favorite "baby skills." those are some adorable pictures and i just LOVE his outfit!!