Sunday, February 17, 2013

Easy street

Enjoyed a day back home so that I could go to a friend's baby shower.  Mace was glad to see his grandparents, although it took him a while to warm up.  He is a major Mama's boy (just like his daddy!) so he clung to me for a while.

He has had some pretty serious separation anxiety lately.  

The last couple Monday mornings Mace has cried when Rob drops him off at daycare.  I'm sure he's over it in about thirty seconds once Rob is gone.....but it sure makes me glad I don't drop him off in the mornings.  It's actually a great feeling to know that he prefers Mama & Daddy over everyone long as it doesn't cause too many tears!

Paige, my friend since middle school, had her little girl Kennedi a month ago at just 30 weeks.  Thankfully Kennedi is doing great in the NICU!  It was so fun to see all the pink, ruffles, tutus, and sparkles at the shower.  If I ever have a girl, I will be BROKE.

Mace turned on the charm for Kennedi's mom so that maybe he can land a date with K someday :))  Too bad I took the picture right when the sep anx started setting in!

Take a look at Mace's giant hands.  Got those from Dad.  Seems like those should really come in handy for an NBA contract and put Mom & Dad on easy street, right??


  1. My BFF has a little girl and I may or may not have gone a bit overboard for her at Christmas. Whoops. Girls have such cute stuff! How could I not?
    Mace will certainly be a little heart breaker, on and off that NBA court. :)

  2. I still can't get over how much your little guy resembles you!

  3. He is ADORABLE! I like his name!!!!

  4. Awww, momma's boy indeed. I hear ya on havin' a girl and baby-blinging that nursery up. And can I just say, pic number 1 is Mace in those adorable striped socks and pants. So cute!