Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine ♥

Grandma & Grandpa sent a super cute Valentine's Day sock monkey that sings "Do you looooveee me?!!"  Mace giggles and claps.

Also got this other stuffed pal.  Apparently it is supposed to be a wolf.  Not sure it looks like a wolf, but it's pretty cute.  We used some of the surprise hundy from Rob's mom to splurge.  I was originally planning the wolf for Mace's Easter basket, but it came in the mail today.....and seemed like it was probably the Valentine sock monkey's brother or Mace got it today for V Day.

The last couple of days we've seen some major progress in Mace's clapping and waving skills.  I may be setting my expectations too low, as he caught on to these rather quickly.  Need a new trick! what??

Clapping!! from Sally on Vimeo.


  1. Adorable pic of you two, love it!!!!!

  2. 1) WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SOCK MONKEY?!!!! As you know, I'm obsessed with those things right now. Kind of need that one in my life.
    2) Mace's V Day outfits are so stinkin' cute!
    3) Ummm, does your child ever NOT smile? He seems to be in perma-good mood!
    4) That video is ah-dor-able! His laugh is too much!

    1. My mom got the sock monkey at K-mart! She said they had a bunch of different ones that sang different songs.

  3. Adorable! He looks so much like you :)