Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Minor complaints

1.  Had no cash for the vendo today.  I was in pretty desperate need of a giant Butterfinger.  Or Snickers.  Or Cheetos.  Anything really.  I was hungry.

2.  My eyes have been bothering me since Friday, so I've been rocking my glasses.  Neat.

3.  Tripped on the carpet at school today.  *Turns around real quick to look*  Yep.  Carpet.  Or as Ellen DeGeneres would say, "I was just starting to jog!  Trip?!  I didn't trip!  I was running...."

4.  My brother hasn't read Gone Girl in the three days that I have allowed him so far.  He's 23% through.  When his Kindle tells him 51% he's gonna be like "AWHHH!!"  He's a fast reader, so hopefully we can talk about this book SOON.

5.  I am playing in the students vs. staff basketball game on Friday?  I might break an ankle?  Need CPR?  My three-ball/basketball shoes/fitness are not what they used to be.  Mainly because they do not exist anymore.

Maybe I will join Mace in his nightly hollering session tonight.  It seems to work for him when he has some complaining to do....

Holla! from Sally on Vimeo.


  1. 1. Love your glasses, cute! I have contacts but am clearly too lazy to put them in. Therefore, I rock the glasses daily. Too bad my kid thinks the glasses are a toy. They're ripped from my face every .5 seconds.
    2. Gone Girl was AWESOME! Still don't understand how I can hate every character but LOVE the book.
    3. Please take video of your bball game. And then post it. :)
    4. Glad to see Marcus isn't the only one who finds hollering an acceptable way to get attention/what he wants.

  2. Butterfinger.

    Oh did you think I had something else to say? Nope sorry. I'm still stuck on that word and want one now. I mean, like 5 minutes ago.

  3. Cute little guy, even when he's hollering!! :)

    Also, love your glasses!

  4. I love your glasses! That book is next on my list. You know, with all my free time. I'm currently reading The Help. I know, welcome to 2009.

  5. Gone has he NOT plowed through it yet? COME ON!

    The end, however, had me boiling.