Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Traveling with baby

I'm pretty sure I used to give dirty looks to people flying with babies.  I know for sure Rob and I talked many times as we were settling in to our seats on flights that we would never be those people bringing a crying baby on a cramped flight.

So sure enough we went ahead and became those people.  With a nine-month-old!

But by some miracle of God, Mace was the model airline passenger.  I'm soaking it up because it absolutely has to be a fluke.  My baby is great, but probably not that great.

I do think we planned ahead pretty well and made it as smooth of a trip as possible:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

1. We got a direct flight.  Our flight was short (2.5 hours).  If it were a longer flight than that, a layover might be a good thing.

2. I gave Mace a bottle during takeoff for his ears and to soothe him in hopes he'd be relaxed the rest of the flight.  Seemed to work.

3. We stayed at a condo on the beach.  Lots of space, kitchen, deck, patio, laundry.  Low key vacation.  The only real plan we had the whole week was a spring training baseball game.  

4. Somehow I managed to pack almost all of Mace's things for the week into his diaper bag and my carry on.  It was nice to know I had everything he could possibly need right there with me.

5. I didn't pack Mace's pajamas.  I decided not to waste the space with clothes he wouldn't just wear out and about.  He wore long-sleeved onesies and pants to bed.  

6. We did take our own car seat (we checked it with our luggage and Mace sat on our laps on the flight), but in the future we'll probably leave it and just rent one with the car.  Since we had a direct flight, we didn't worry too much about how beat up the car seat would get under the plane.  I think if we were switching planes, I wouldn't want to bother with packaging up the car seat so that it didn't get wrecked.

7. I thought about taking a baby carrier like our Ergo but decided not to.  I never needed it.  Maybe with more than one child it would be convenient.

8. We rented a crib and jogging stroller at our destination so we didn't have to bring our own.

9.  Considering that peek-a-boo with his jacket turned out to be Mace's favorite thing ever, we probably didn't even need to take toys.  We took the toys in the pic above (minus the bucket and shovel which we bought there for the beach).  They were nice to have at the condo.  We likely could have gotten by with even fewer toys than these.

10. We set our expectations really low so that we were very pleasantly surprised and had an even better time than we could have imagined!


  1. This Boston girl loves Mace's shirt in the first pic! ;)

  2. So glad everything went well. We've taken Henry on a few trips already and they went fairly well, but we're getting ready to tackle a 15 hour drive with a now 20 month old and it's got me concerned about how well he'll do. Not to mention we're staying in one place for a week and I'm the type of person who tries to pack EVERYTHING. I'm going to try to use some of your tips to keep myself under control! Haha!

  3. Mace needs to teach Marcus how to be an ideal travel companion and passenger. We have had a few flights where we were "those people."