Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let's see....

I wonder how I'm going to burn off this giant latte I'm drinking right *guess* is by chasing Mace and Lilly around all day...  

Not much else to say except I'm going to load up on liquid fat & sugar from Starbuck's and sit here because the two of them are playing nicely and quietly right now (see bottom middle).  And Finding Nemo is on (Was anyone else as thrilled as I was to see they are making Finding Dory?!!).  And the Masters are on.....fingers crossed for a great nap with Mace to Golf Channel later today!


  1. Kelley Wells9:55 AM

    Good Morning Miss Sally!!
    Your mom forwarded this to me and you do such an amazing job with this. Of course this is all new to me, guess cuz I am getting so old now!!! LOL
    You have an amazing little boy there!!! And the whole family is adorable!! Nice to see Andys family too! My mom is here this weekend and got to meet Ariya yesterday, going to visit them today again. It is so awesome to be a grandma and more awesome to see our kids (including you) starting their own families!! Simply Amazing!!! Love and Hugs to you, get to burning off that latte now, looks like the sun is finally coming out!! xoxoxo

    1. Hey Kel!! Ariya is adoorrrable....I really hope I can meet her sometime! Love all the pics you is definitely crazy seeing all of my classmates as new parents now! And all our parents as grandparents! Hope to see you sometime soon.....I know Mace and I will come back home to visit this summer when I am out of school! <3

  2. As always, love the pics! Hope you got a little nap in while watching golf today :)


  3. love all the little snapshots of daily life with Mace;)

  4. He is going to be walking soon.Has he tried going up the steps yet?

  5. My life (and sanity) kind of depend on lattes. :)
    Stoked (yes, "stoked") about Finding Dory!!

  6. I am equal parts excited and nervous for finding better not ruin the first one for me!

  7. Cute baby!!

    P.S. I love Ben Kweller. His song "Thirteen"--It sums up my life.

  8. I found your blog through Courtney & Eric...and realized our boys are exactly the same age! :) almost 10 months!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am your newest follower : ) Your little guy is SO cute. The Masters have been the constant on our t.v lately too!

    Nicole @ first comes love...

  10. You have a beautiful family!!