Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day weekend

We had a good Memorial Day weekend considering it rained almost the entire time.  We were going a bit stir crazy by the time the nice weather finally rolled in Monday afternoon.  We were all happy to get outside for a while....

Rob's dad and brother visited for the day on Sunday, and we were so glad to see them as it had been more than two months since our last visit.  Mace is super shy and it takes him a loooonnng time to warm up....especially to that was pretty depressing.  I wish we saw our families more regularly so Mace would actually know them.  I know eventually it will be fine and he will be so excited to see everyone.

Mace did enjoy sneaking up on Grandpa and trying to play peek-a-boo with him.....but definitely kept his distance....

And he let Uncle Ryan hold him for a couple minutes.....

And finally had a fun time clapping and being silly with Grandpa at dinner.....

Rob's aunt and cousin visited too for a while on Monday afternoon, so we had a nice time seeing family this weekend.  Goodbyes are always hard and I'm always sad to see people go....but it is so much worse now that Mace has such stranger danger.  I don't want him to cry, I just want him to be excited to see people and let them hold him.  

Rob and I both grew up with a grandparents only minutes away....and I had TONS of extended family not having grandparents nearby is hard.  We want Mace to have the experience we did.  Mace doesn't know anyone except us and the girls at daycare.  I know we have it waaayy better than some people because our families are actually within driving distance and we can manage day trips.  But it's just not the same as we had it when we were little kids, and it just sort of sucks.


  1. Cutest little boy :) We had the same crummy weather in Boston until Monday... Yuck!

  2. I love the whole-hand-in-mouth while eating his snack. Ha!
    We hear you loud and clear on not having family around. It's tough, and hard on Scott and me when our folks visit and Marcus doesn't much to do with Grandma and Grandpa. This is just a phase, right??

  3. That face in the second pic <3!

  4. he is too cute. our little is the same way with my side of the family....i think i'm going to make a photo album for him to flip through, so their faces are familiar to him.

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