Friday, June 28, 2013

Special guests

We had some super special guests at Mace's birthday party last weekend.....our new friends from California....Desiree and Marcus!  It was our first meeting.....and it was so much fun!

You know when you meet a really awesome friend and you hit it off right away?  And it feels like you've been friends a lot longer than you really have been?  And you think where the heck have you been all my life?! Desiree is just like that.....only, I can sort of answer the where have you been question.....turns out she lived right down the street from me when we were both at Iowa State.  

Okay so we didn't run into each other on our street.....but how about at the lifeguard meetings and inservices that we attended because we were both lifeguards at ISU.  So weird, huh.  It honestly makes no sense to me how we could not have met until now.

I remember stumbling upon Desiree's blog and seeing an Iowa State Christmas ornament in one of her posts.  YES, I thought, another Cyclone!  As we exchanged tons of emails about our boys, Iowa State, and LIFE, we kept discovering all these oddities and how we knew many of the same people.....just not each other.

Desiree and her son Marcus were going to be in Iowa visiting their family for a whole month, so we knew we had to meet up at some point.  So Desiree, her mom, and Marcus were sweet enough to come to Mace's first birthday party!  Which let's face it, was VERY gutsy.  They had to make a long drive, we'd never met before, and they were going to meet a lot of other random people.  But it went great!  It totally did not feel like the first time we'd met.  It feels like we've been friends forever.

We had big dreams of all the cute pictures we were going to get of our boys.....but oddly don't really care about taking cute pictures for their moms.....

Especially when we put them on the spot......what a perfect time for a couple of meltdowns!!....

On Sunday, we met our new BFFs again for a stroll around campus.....trying to get these guys in the Cyclone spirit :)).....
I loved watching Marcus.....he's only a few months older than Mace, and the kid just cracks me up at all the stuff he does.  Here he was taking advantage of Mace's unguarded cookies......haha, I love it!!....
And here is Marcus giving Mace the lowdown.....on who knows what......but he looks like a great little advice-giver, doesn't he??.....

Obviously Desiree and her family need to move back to Iowa so we can hang out all the time, but until then......we *may* just already be planning a Mace & Marcus Do Disneyland trip for while they are still living in Cali!!  :))


  1. a disneyland trip would be so fun and SO perfect!!!!
    i love that last picture.. marcus is like "listen here buddy... the girls that live in 205... just don't go there." some upperclassmen advice goin on!

  2. Aww, how special that your blogs are what ended up connecting you guys!!

  3. What a couple of cute lil' cyclones!

  4. It really does feel like we've been real life friends forever!
    I'm beyond pumped about a Disneyland trip. EEK!!!

  5. So cool that you guys met up! How fun :)

  6. New friends are awesome!! And these pictures are just too cute. I love their faces in that last picture.

  7. I just realized I followed you both. What cute little fellas you have. And it's so nice to see ya'll reconnecting.