Sunday, June 09, 2013

Welcoming committee

Yes I did fall off the face of the earth, thanks for asking!

I just got home from a four day trip to St. Louis for an education conference and I missed the guys soooo much.  I did have a lot of fun though, so it's *possible* that those days were just a tiny bit harder for Rob trying his hand out as single dad.  Seriously how do single and military parents do that all the time??

The hardest part of the trip....coming home and I drove around the corner and our house was in sight....those few minutes from pulling in to the garage and getting out just seemed to move in slow weird.  Mace obviously is the best welcoming committee ever....actually when I got home, he was asleep on Rob, so we transfered him over to me.....and seeing his face when he woke up and recognized it was Mama holding him....BEST EVER!!

Let summer commence!!


  1. Welcome back!! :)

  2. Welcome back!
    How DO those single parents/military/gone often parents DO it? That's exactly why I'm home, I don't think I'd be much good as a single parent.

  3. what a cute surprise for mace to see his mama!!!!! i also LOVE his UA onesie! adorable!!!!

  4. welcome back! lovely picture! radiating smiles!


  6. Oh my gosh that is so cute, the best feeling ever when you get that baby squeal when they're happy to see you. Glad you had a great homecoming!