Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Everybody hurts

This time of year is just tough all around.  The dreaded time change is looming (I'd waayyy rather have some daylight in the afternoons than an extra hour of sleep ONE NIGHT) and Rob is super busy at work--which means he comes home after working all day, eats dinner and hangs out for maayyybe an hour, and then is right back on his laptop working the rest of the night.

Add to that my own busy schedule at school right now with parent-teacher conferences and a three-night trip to a conference in Minneapolis coming up in just a couple of weeks.......and things are cray right now.

I'm longing for Thanksgiving break, time to relax and hang out with our families, and a tryptophan coma.  Comas.

Some of my calm in the chaos so I don't feel so frustrated and disconnected from my family?.....

Planning what to eat.  (WHAT?)  I'm typically always terrible at this, but it's one of my goals to be more of a supermom/wife-type that can work, take care of her child, AND have something ready to eat at the end of the day.  The cooking part does not come naturally to me like it does to my mom, unfortunately.  I have to work at it.  I do have to say cooking in the fall is definitely easier for me with things like soups, casseroles, and crockpot recipes.  And the past couple of weeks I have actually sort of enjoyed figuring out what to make and what to do with the leftovers.  I would love it if it became a natural habit for me.  Fake it til you make it?? and stuff like that.

 Taking over Mace's bath and bedtime routine.  Rob and I generally split the duties on this.  Most of the time, Rob would do Mace's bath and give him his milk while I took a shower, and then I would put Mace to bed.  With Rob so busy right now, I'm doing bath time, and I had forgotten how much I love that time with Mace every night!

 Watching the World Series.  Because baseball and mindlessly stuffing myself with apple crisp and ice cream?
I'm just patriotic.

Wondering if I'm a crappy mom because Mace is going to school tomorrow in skeleton PJs and skull socks and not a cute lion/scarecrow/mummy/etc/etc/all-those-really-freaking-cute-costumes-I've-seen.  And debating whether it would be better to just have an only child and buy him a car and college or would it be the funnest thing in the world to have like eight kids and just live in a teepee because why be normal and practical and have two kids and drive a sedan and not a bus?  Okay, these things are not my calm in the chaos, and I'm not gonna go all Duggar on anyone or anything, so.....

the end.

Go Red Sox. 


  1. You are super-mom! Who cares about dinner? Time with the fam is waaaay more important.
    Stick with the crock pot (no matter the season) and people walk away with happy, full bellies.
    $100 says Mace is THE cutest kid at school tomorrow.

    Go Sox! :)

  2. I totally bet he willbe the cutest skeleton, the most comfy and the one who's costume is still intact by the end of the day!!

  3. He could just wear his Red Sox jersey. I cant decide which to wear tomorrow, my Halloween shirt or my Boston shirt.

  4. i am with you on this! having some mommy guilt, but crue doesnt have a costume either! just the same skeleton pjs that mace says :) so im going to say that we are just pretty awesome. and SMART! is mace going to minneapolis with you???!!! thats where crue and i areeee! (ok, isaiah too. but husband schmusband). im sorry rob is so busy. i hate when isaiah is, and i feel so frazzled sometimes - so i feel you on that one mama! xxo

  5. LOSE the mommy guilt! I'm think it's amazing that you are able to do all of that, AND even remember it's Halloween!!! You could just send him in his PJ's and say he's dressing up as the most adorable and loved little boy in the world! xx

  6. You are the BEST mommy, so even though the mommy guilt may be bothering you, Mace is BLESSED to have you as HIS mommy :) He will be the cutest little skeleton ever! I am just south of Minneapolis, in Austin, MN. Where are you at? Go MN and IA bloggers :)

  7. Love your thoughts. :) I also don't enjoy cooking and it sounds like you actually cook more than me - so be proud! And I totally think you are an awesome mom!!

  8. I am struggling too, trying to get things back to normal, the thought of making dinner has been stressful. Yikes! But as long as we are lovin' on our babies, everything will be ok :)

  9. So.... somehow my comments were switched as to the post they were for! This one is for the grandparents one down below! Love the pictures. :) (I think I need to go back to bed for a bit). :)

  10. I HATE the time change. I am so ready to get back to normal and it's only been a few days! I hope things don't get too crazy for you guys!