Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Radio silence

I really wish the reason I have posted no pictures and said absolutely nothing in weeks is because we were all so busy doing really fun things and having a grand time, but alas no.  Nothing new here besides Mace figured out how to crawl into the dryer when I'm doing laundry and that's really handy obviously.

A few good things:

We have seen our families a lot lately.  And we are coming up on Thanksgiving (FINALLY) so we will get to see them even more.  I am scheduled for at least two tryptophan comas, so all is looking good on that front.

I went to Minneapolis for three nights at the beginning of the month for a middle school conference and the boys were great without me.  Honestly it was kind of fun pretty fun 100% really really really fun to get away for a few days.

We keep buying Christmas presents for Mace??  I have no clue why?  Okay yes I do it's because I have this idea in my head of like the best Christmas ever (aka Home Alone 2, come down the stairs of my hotel suite at the Plaza Hotel and see a zillion presents) and who cares if Mace will never remember it but I will.  I am dying to get the Christmas tree up.

And now, back to my laundry.


  1. What a cutie!! He's just trying to help out more around the house. DUH! ;) Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. Getting away sounds glorious! Not gonna like. Having "help" with the laundry IS super helpful. Especially when they are pulling on my legs and standing in the way :)

  3. YES on the christmas thing!
    i wish we would have met up when you are here!

    also. loving that picture of mace. LOVING it!
    i say it deserves a place on canvas or in a frame in your laundry room!

  4. Welcome back to blog land :)

  5. Can you do my Christmas shopping, too? We haven't purchased ONE thing for Marcus. In face, we have no clue what the hell to get him. GAH!
    Next time you take a little trip let me know, I wanna go!

  6. it's good to see you! and i can't wait to put up my tree as well. this picture of mace is so adorable! it deserves to be framed! or plastered all over like your computer screen and phone screen :)

  7. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Same over here - I wish I had a good excuse for not blogging except being busy. Everyone is busy. How fun for you to get away! I barely get a girls night, which needs to change. And as for Christmas, I had plans to not spend too much on my munchkin, since he really wouldn't know the difference, but there's just so much stuff he would love! Holidays are so much more fun with kids, no matter the age.

  8. Everyone is busy and family time should always take precedence over blogging. But it's fun to catch up in the blogging world (as time permits). :)