Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Happy Juan-uary

Here is what Mace & Lilly & I did on Monday:

I take that back.  Does reading the same book forty-five times count as something?  We also read this one a bunch of times and screamed SHARK a lot in this one (best book ever thanks to Desiree!!)

No school because the wind chill was -40 and even in Iowa life stops at -40 I guess.....and the whole country is apparently turning in to some sort of ice age so we can all relate.

Yesterday we had a two hour delay which was fine with me because I actually got to have a cup of coffee at home and fine with Mace because he got to drag around the cord to Rob's electric razor for a lot longer and also try to run off the plunger and you can see our child proofing still is not so great.  You'd think with all that extra time in the morning we'd have been out the door to school plenty early but no, I was still chasing down Mace to get his coat and hat on (while he squealed with delight, naturally) with only minutes to spare.

And then at school the fire alarm went off for no apparent reason and we all stood in the cold for ten minutes.


I had recorded The Bachelor and had that to look forward to last night (right after the Cyclones whooped Baylor)  and Juan Pablo sure is giddy!  But cute.  Very cute.  And when he gave Sharleen the first impression rose and she responded, "Seriously?" that wasn't even the best/worst part.  The best/worst part was when he tried to explain to her that he wanted her to feel comfortable there and I could just read it all over her face that maybe he's giving her this rose as some sort of pity party??!! and then she said "sir" several strange times before she actually accepted with a hesitant "sure".  I thought this awkward JP/Sharleen convo actually topped the awkward moment when Kylie stepped forward when Kat's name was called in the rose ceremony.  Because Kylie is gone and forgotten now but we still have Sharleen's opera singing to look forward to.  What.

And no one cares.  The end.

I hope it warms up.


  1. 30's this weekend I hear! Whoop whoop!!

  2. It is going to be a heat wave this weekend... woo hoo! I have to watch the Bachelor because I heard Juan is dreamy :) I am glad you stayed warm!

  3. I loooooved the JP/Sharleen scene!!! I think I love her because she dared to be honest and real and not just star-struck with the whole situation and her own ego. I seriously thought she was considering turning down the rose and heading on back to Germany!! I think I'm going to like her. Someone who doesn't lose their mind, even over someone as hot as JP? FRIEND OF MINE.

  4. I am so looking forward to this season of The Bachelor. No shame! Haha.

  5. Ah, I love the Bachelor. I have no real good idea why. JP isn't my favorite but he will do :)
    It was 9 degrees and sunny today, so I took the dogs for a walk and it felt downright warm. Now that is sick and wrong.

  6. Everyone and the dog is into the Bachelor. But me. How do I get into it? I just can't.
    Maybe I'll go grab the pop book and use that to keep me entertained while everyone else tells Bachelor stories. Woe is me.

  7. Ahhh... The Bachelor! Little secret: I got my hubby hooked on this show! He pretends that he is just "passing" through the living room every Monday, and then he plops down and starts making fun of the show and before long he's talking about all the characters.

    We love it :)