Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Snow day + superfan

Iowa State beat Oklahoma State by one point in TRIPLE OVER TIME last night.  I stayed up and watched the whole thing because who needs sleep.

Also we got a whole bunch of snow today.

But the Cyclones.  So I'm a superfan and basically cheered on my team for three whole hours by saying things like "OH MY GOD, FINE, lose if that's what you want!  Lose!  You deserve to lose if you can't make a free throw!" and "What do you even practice all week?" and after seeing approximately four obnoxious OSU kids in the student section declaring that "the people of Oklahoma are truly deplorable" and pacing around the house because the further away you get from the TV, the less a loss hurts DUH.  (I really am a loyal fan but THEY MAKE ME SO MAD.)

After we managed to pull off some sort of miracle win, I of course felt bad for lumping the fine people of Oklahoma in with the few morons who honestly look just like ISU students who would of thought.  And I really did feel sorry for them because it's usually the Cyclones on the losing end of stuff like that and all those people sure looked depressed and defeated and tired when they were putting their coats on to leave because the game didn't get over until 11 and then they had to make the sad drive home.

Had we lost, obviously they would still be people of deplorable character and truly disgusting.

But the Cyclones won so that is good.

And we are enjoying our snowy afternoon.


  1. LOL! We sound so much a like. I actually had to stop watching after the first OT. It seems whenever I watch we lose. Because I had to turn of the TV that obviously meant I was refreshing my Facebook feed and ESPN app like it was my only way into Heaven.

  2. You are a superfan!! Glad your team won. Cute pictures of you guys in the snow!

  3. Well, I'm glad someone's team is doing well. Triple-OT---Wow! WI is crashing and burning, so….whatever at this point!
    And I'm totally over the snow, especially since it's been too cold to even go outside for most of the winter. Hopefully it's a little warmer there for you!

  4. LOL you crack me up!!

  5. Glad to see you were able to enjoy the snow for a bit. Believe it or not, I'm ready for more and all we have is rain. :(

  6. I love the snow photos! Enjoy it while it's here!

  7. oh my gosh! so much snow! i'm so over that stuff! bring on spring!