Monday, March 17, 2014

4 blonds and a Mace

Mace has gotten to see his cousins a bunch lately: last weekend at Zaladet's dance performance, Thursday night when Rob & Mace went over to their house for a pizza party while I had parent-teacher conferences at school, and Friday night when the whole crew came over to our house watch the Cyclones beat Kansas.

They are all at THE most fun ages right now.......everyone can basically play together (although Zala takes breaks for Mom & Aunt Sally time to get away from the boys :)) and they are all such good kids.  Mace is nine months younger than Voeden and nine months older than Liercen, so those boys are just going to be the Three Musketeers as they grow up :))


  1. All these cousins to play with- what a lucky boy! And what unique names they all have!

  2. How sweet! And yes, they all have super unique and awesome names!

  3. GAH - THE most fun stage right now.
    I'm so flipping excited to put your Mace and my blonde together at DISNEY!!