Saturday, March 08, 2014

Still in jams

Because we slept in!                                           YAAYY!!
Mace got to hang with all his cousins last night at Zaladet's dance performance and then out for BBQ.  It was so fun to watch all the little dancers and listen to the music.  Lots of pretty ballerinas in the cutest ($$$) outfits and Mace was mesmerized.  Mace and his cousins were so well-behaved, minus that one teeny tiny moment where Mace busted out laughing during part of a hip hop dance where all the girls were shaking their booties.  Whoops.  
How fun to grow up with a bunch of cousins right around your age!


  1. Well, in his defense, booty shaking IS pretty funny! Cousins close by is awesome….

  2. Oh Mace - booty shaking does prove to be pretty entertaining. HA!
    And, sleeping in? What is this foreign thing you speak of?

  3. Love the jams! He's so adorable.