Monday, April 07, 2014

April showers

bring more showers and cold I think.  Where are you, spring?  We need out of this house because there is only so much more I can take of using re-rolled up toilet's just getting kind of old.  

What are you watching on TV?  Ever since this terribly torturous season of The Bachelor ended......I'm basically just waiting for The Bachelorette to start.  And I don't even really like the girl they picked.......but I will still be a dedicated viewer and still catch Oh Jones for the recaps.

Do you think this little guy needs a buddy to visit the aquarium with him?  I do.....and Mace loves fish.  Sooooo byebyewearegoingtoCali.  (But really!)  

How cute is Aubrey?  She looks so gorgeous!  She's having twin boys, and I am so so SO happy for her!

Wouldn't it be cool to have a pallet wall?  Here too.  But I mostly just want to have one and not really make one.

Does anyone else want to encourage Jen to write something?  It's not like she's got anything else to do.  I'm sure her three-year-old son and 18-month-old twins are fine if she could hammer out a blog post for the likes of moi.  Especially since the Badgers are out of the tournament now, I'm guessing she's downright bored and has absolutely nothing else to do at all.

More random?  Alright.... 

Stuff I desperately needed & got the last couple of weeks:  

 This bracelet .......reeeeaal cheap and it's actually fun and looks cool.  Right now it says ❤ MACE MARTIN and tomorrow I think it will say LET IT GO because probably a Tuesday (and life) just needs that.  

 This mom swimsuit ..........when it was on sale.  It likely won't fit.  Or even more likely I'll just look like a hot zebra mess.  

 This phone case .........because I just like hearing Mace say parrrkly!!

 These shoes navy for 20 bucks at Costco because I am one hundred years old.

Hopeful for big time sunshine + warm up in our future.   


  1. You're so cute! Love this post of randomness and especially the picture of Mace who is clearly sick of the rain, too! Ha ha!

  2. Love the shoes and I'm already over the rain and cold too. First snow, now rain. I just want to be outdoors.

  3. hahah, using re-rolled toliet paper, I'm with ya there ;)

  4. Haha! I think maybe I have officially given up on ye old blog. I just like reading everyone else's. Thanks for the shout-out though. I thought I was busy before. Good lord. My kids are so exhausting!

  5. OHMYGOD you're coming to visit. FOR REAL! I can't even…
    By the way, the bracelet?! LOVE. WANT! (It's freaking not available right now. WTH?!)
    The suit?! Super cute!
    One more week. ONE. MORE. WEEK. But, we're not counting down or anything (yes we are)!

  6. that pallet wall is amazing!

  7. i don't dig andi as much for the new bachelorette either!
    have fun in cali!!