Monday, April 28, 2014


MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC!!  I'm still so giddy from our trip!!  It was so perfect!!
Mace and I went to California April 15-19 to visit my friend Desiree and her family.  Des and I took Mace and Marcus to Disneyland (and Disney California Adventure) for two days and it was the BEST EVER!!  The boys were so good and so go-with-the-flow.  

I'm not even sure what the best part was.....Disney just has this atmosphere that is so perfect and magical and catching that just BEING there is the best part.  I had heard several times before going that Disneyland is sort of a letdown after going to Disneyworld.....but it is definitely NOT!!  I don't really see how anything Disney could be a letdown.  It's just fairytales and pixie dust and sugar and rides and fun.  How can you go wrong?!!

We also PLANNED.  #1 rule for having the best time ever at Disney is PLAN :))  I learned that from Rob and his mom (who was super duper Disney-obsessed).

Some of our most magical highlights......
Meeting Mickey.......wish Mace didn't look so cautious in this picture because he actually thought it was so fun to see Mickey up close (which really shocked me)!
Mace's first ride!  Buzz's Astro Blasters which was perfect because he has a "Buzz car" at home that he lots of other fun rides......."choo choo rays" galore.
Making like Peter Pan.......
My first solo trip on a roller fun!!  Actually I rode Space Mountain almost all the way through when the ride STOPPED and all the lights came on.  And it was still so noisy that I was sure another coaster was going to slam into us.  It was all good in the end and they let us go again :))  Roller coasters are my absolute FAVE!....
Watching the Pixar parade......which was a huge highlight for both of the boys.....

Such good boys the whole time.  It was so fun to see them having fun and soaking up the Disney magic :))  And it was really funny for me to watch Mace learn things from Marcus.....Marcus is a few months older and Mace wanted to do everything just like him :))
We had such a fun time at Disney with our pals.  Our trip to California was short, but jam packed.....I am going to have to do several posts.

 Do you want to know my one complaint?

That's it.  That's my complaint.

Disney is perfect.
I didn't go to Disney (world) until I was 20-something and Mace got to go to Disneyland when he was only ONE!  Lucky duck!  We both got to experience our first trip to Disneyland together (and we have the sweatshirts, mugs, light up spinny things and EARS to prove it :))

We had the best hosts and had such an awesome time.  I can't WAIT to go back someday (ummmm annual trip anyone??)!!

More to come about the rest of our California adventure.....meanwhile (because Desiree is way more timely than I am!).....

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  1. So fun!!! Looks like you guys had a magical time!

  2. love these pictures! so sweet

  3. The Mufasa part made me cry, too! :(
    Please come back every year. I absolutely loved everything about your visit. Plus, the boys *need* yearly pics at Disney together.

  4. I want to take my kids to Disney so bad. I'm thinking it would make a great Christmas Vacation this year!

  5. Awww this makes me so happy!! Disneyworld was an almost yearly trip for me growing up (I know I'm very fortunate!) so it holds such a special place in my heart. I'm so glad you got to go and take Mace with you! We'll absolutely be taking Parker once he's just a wee bit older and I know he'll remember it well.

  6. mufasa dying is the worst about lion king!! so sad.
    if you make this a yearly thing we are so in next time around!