Thursday, June 05, 2014


is finally here.  Even though the group of kids I had this year in school was one of the very best, it was kind of a long year.  I'm ready to be on Toddler Time which even though involves lots of tantrums, it involves a two hour nap everyday.  So I can get with that.

Our days include things like playing at the park across the street and visiting the animals and choo-choo at the zoo but mostly, mostly, actually ALL THE TIME FOREVER:
1. unwinding and turning on the hose in the backyard and
2. watching people mow the lawn.
The other day a guy down the street was finally mowing his lawn after waiting a good five or six days too long.  Mace and I sat on the deck watching him and I remarked that the guy was having some trouble with his push mower since the grass was too high.  "Having trouble?" has become a go-to phrase when Mace sees people mowing (to which I always respond YES I AM WOULD YOU PLEASE TAKE OVER RIGHT NOW). 


  1. Happy Summer! If you get bored, you can always come on up to WI! (No, really). It's been raining here quite a bit followed by gorgeous sunny days, so people have been mowing their lawns a TON. It would be like LAWN PORN for you guys!

  2. Happy Summer Friend!!!!
    Summer is the best in my opinion :)

  3. Oh the things kids pick up on! Haha!!

  4. Yay, Happy Summer! I just saw that your profile says recent bachelor/ette addict. Are you watching this season?

  5. Hiya! Found you on the Bloggers Coast to Coast map! I'm an Iowa blogger & teacher, too. Nice to meet ya! Adding your blog to my feedly feed.


  6. Hello summer!!! We are so exctied to be seeing you two soon. Maybe we can all sit around watching other people mow (while you and I sip on something fun and fruity??)!