Monday, August 11, 2014


I got to celebrate my 29th birthday basically all week and I have no complaints :))  Week-long birthdays are awesome!  I would not at all be opposed to month-long birthdays.  Mace usually calls it "happy day" hence my birthday candles, but has been pretty good at saying birthday lately.

My week of celebrating started of at Royal Mile one rainy night.  
My brother and I were born five years and five days apart (and my parents' anniversary is right in between our birthdays, so it's kind of a fun week).  We figured we ought to hang out just the two of us for once in like forreevvver.  We drank beer and then walked across the street to Fong's for a couple of slices of pizza.

On Friday Rob took the day off.  Mace went to school so we could go to a movie (Guardians of the good that we want to go again!), eat lunch at John & Nick's, and take a little visit to Confluence Brewery.  And by take a little visit I mean we drank a million taster glasses of beer.  
  Friday night Rob grilled steaks, and after we put Mace to bed we had some of our fave beers and watched one of our fave shows--Brew Dogs.
Saturday started out at the Downtown Farmer's Market for sausages, spicy breakfast bowls, and pastries.  And Mace riding a little train thing pulled by a tractor.  Hessen Haus around noon for a couple quick radlers.    

Saturday night the fellas took me to Waterfront in Ankeny for a smorgasbord of seafood.  
Mace likes this place a lot because they have a little koi pond out front and we get to eat outside on a patio overlooking a big pond.
After baby cones it was home for more Brew Dogs and the half growler we had brought home from Confluence.

Sunday.  The big 2-9.  Started off with Mace tearing through my presents and then thinners, mimosas, and Macers "takin' pitchas" of his mama.
My friend Jenna stopped by right before she had to drive all the way back to North Carolina.....  
These cuties sent a birthday greeting......
And then Sunday night we met my parents for pizza at a cool place called Zeno's in Marshalltown.
Home for cake and ice cream.  This is one birthday I'm not sure I'll be able to top!


  1. Holy crap. Are those beers the "samplers"?! If so, did you have to CRAWL out of the brewery?!
    Sounds like a pretty solid birthday. Happy 29th!!

  2. My kind of birthday!!! Looks like the best week ever!

  3. Woah! Love all the celebrating! One perk of a summer birthday! Glad it was a great one!

  4. (Not sure if my other comment published??) Looks like a great birthday week! Happy Birthday! And I'm loving your Sunday outfits - so casual and cute!

  5. Mace is a good "pitcha" taker :)

    Happy Belated, friend!!