Monday, October 13, 2014

Mace at 2

Some things I want to remember about Mace at age 2:

+ How he sings the ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, and Five Little Pumpkins all by himself.
+ How he sleeps great at night and wakes up happy and snuggly.
+ How he says "Mama, what're you doing, Mama?" about fifty times a day.
+ How he lunges at our legs with huge hugs and says ILOVEYOUSOMUCH all in one breath.
+ How he loves to look at pictures and name everyone he knows & "Hoozat?" for anyone he doesn't know.
+ How he says Lilly wey-wey, yogurt woygurt, Yoda woda, Darth Vader Darth Gator and drive dyzsh.
+ How he usually says "my" instead of "I".
+ How he remembers everything.
+ How he holds the door when there are groceries to bring in.
+ How he loves to push the button to close the garage and how he loves to help get the mail.
+ How much he loves baseball.  And how he says "Watch this guy" and "Oooh that was a big swing and a miss!"
+ How many questions he asks.  "It's not dark yet?"  "Not mowing today?"  "My Gator all charged up green?"  "My supper ready?"  "My Daddy working?"  "Friday my Daddy already home?"  
+ How he loves to read books.  We read and read and read.
+ How he loves to play catch--and how he loves to hit the ball.  And how good he is at it!
+ How much he loves to go to school.
+ How he laughs so hard he gets out of breath.
+ How he says "bless you" when we sneeze.
+ How he loves to watch videos of himself and asks to "watch Mace get sphinkled (sprinkled)?"
+ How good he has gotten at saying "Thank you, Daddy" & "Thank you, Mama."
+ How dark brown his eyes are.
+ How his hair has lightened so much over the summer.
+ How he knows many letters and loves to find M for Mace.
+ How much he has enjoyed his first real organized sport--soccer.
+ How he loves to push his mower around.
+ How he loves to spot mailboxes, stop signs, water towers, tractors, and diggers when we are driving.
+ How he says "No push!" when he wants to pedal his tricycle himself.
+ How serious is he when he runs.
+ How helpful he is.
+ How he always wants to give us a hug and kiss before bed, no matter how tired he is.
+ How he is just the very sweetest person I have ever known.


  1. Awe, this list is awesome! I love "Hoozat?" Olive and Jude say that too :)

  2. Keep some of the seeds from those warty looking pumpkins. We will try to grow some next year. evoLmoM.