Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pumpkin patch

Like everyone else on the face of the earth who has little kids, we visited the pumpkin patch last weekend. This year we went to Center Grove Orchard and it was a huge improvement over the dinky pumpkin patch we visited last year.  

Last year Mace was too little anyway to do much except ride on the little tractor-barrel-train thing.  Center Grove had animals, pedal tractors, pedal cars, blow up bouncy pony things, bouncy play areas, a giant slide, a corn pool (which we avoided since we saw kids in there just stuffing every single pocket they had with handfuls of, tons of food, and hay rides out to the pumpkin patch.  
Mace was not a huge fan of walking around in the muddy patch, but really liked seeing the tractors and animals and just being outside.  
Oh and a sugary apple cider donut induced nap doesn't hurt either.


  1. Cutest little boy!!

  2. How fun!!! I'll have to find a place to take my boys soon. :)

  3. We love CG. Looks like you all had an awesome time!

  4. So many things about this post:
    1) Your pumpkin patch is 1.875 billion times better than any I've been to or seen here. I'm jealous.
    2) Rob and Mace on that bouncy pony thing - LOL - DYING!
    3) YOUR BOOTS!! Where did you get them?!
    4) The sugary jeans (love) + passed out Mace = Solid day!

  5. hahah the last pic all crumbly and asleep, that is so cute!
    What a beautiful pumpkin patch! I'm completely jealous, ours is a parking lot with some pallets of pumpkins. Florida so gets the short end of the fall stick.

  6. He is getting so big and his hair is so light! I can't wait to enjoy some pumpkin patch madness with Connor.