Saturday, March 28, 2015

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

We have been measuring Mace's height and making pencil marks inside the pantry door since about August.  We have watched Seven Dwarf Mine Train videos on YouTube hundred of times.  I tried to prepare myself for if we got there and he somehow didn't meet their height requirement (read: bring along a different pair of shoes for him.....oh yes I did).  I tried to prepare myself for Mace taking one look at the big coaster halting in front of us to load and looking at his very own seat with his very own lap bar......and screaming bloody murder.

Thankfully we didn't become the worst parents on the face of the earth by talking and talking and TALKING up this ride and how FUN it will be when we are at Walt Disney World and then having our kid not even go on it because MACE WENT ON IT AND LOVED IT!!!!!  Even though the picture doesn't really show it :))  When we got into the dark part of the ride--the mine--where the Seven Dwarfs are working and singing, Mace even started singing along.  He can't resist "Heeiiighhh Hooooo!!"

He was so proud that he was tall enough :))  Such a fun memory.


  1. Mace's face kills me. He doesn't look happy yet doesn't look scared. Maybe he is in the between stage of "WTH?"

  2. LOL - his face on the ride is hilarious!!
    More photos and stories from your trip, please!!