Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day.

I'm sad for my own mom this year, and my aunt and uncle, that this is their first Mother's Day without their mom. My uncle found this photo of my grandma on a motorcycle in a manual in my grandpa's garage. She looks pretty but she looks cool too. I miss her.

This is a few Mother's Days in a row now for Rob without his mom. And the first for one of my students who I have been thinking about a lot.....a sweet middle school girl who has three brothers too, including one the same age as Mace.

I do love Mother's Day though.  I love my mom a ton and she is my best friend.
And I am fortunate to have the sweetest little boy ever and have the title of Mom myself. My guys have been great to me this weekend.
I just wish everyone could have their mom.
Rob's 30th birthday, 2011