Sunday, May 03, 2015

My grandma's estate sale

Yesterday was my grandma's estate sale.  I always figured my grandma would just live forever, but she didn't, and here we all were having to part with all her things and look at her house sit entirely empty.  Saying goodbye to her in another way.

I did enjoy looking through everything.  It was fun to remember.  My niece had fun too, walking around all the tables of treasures, wondering what all these boxes of things were.  Sometimes I actually knew a story, but it was more fun when I didn't because then we could ask someone else and listen to a good story together......or just make up what we thought that interesting thing might have meant to someone.

The family worked all morning to get all of my grandma's things set out to auction off.  Interested people started showing up and getting their bidding numbers for furniture, Rath cans, Wizard of Oz memorabilia, Mexican Christmas decor, you name it.  I suddenly was overcome with what felt like maybe kleptomania?  A lot of the stuff sitting out I didn't recognize, but when I saw people looking over things I did recognize, I had to fight this urge to elbow my way through and say "excuse me, not this one, it's not for sale".......even though I didn't really want it, I really didn't want anyone else to have it.

Even though I felt that way the whole day, I only pulled the trigger once.  In the morning before too many people had arrived, I was carrying out of the house a box of random coffee mugs.  Most of them had company names on them or pictures of Shih Tzus (my grandma's Shih Tzus Dazee and Sophie were constant companions).  But there was one Wizard of Oz one with a picture of the Wicked Witch.  Some funny saying like, "I'm a wicked witch, what's your excuse?" and it just made me laugh and think of Grandma.  I didn't really want the mug for myself, but I didn't want it in that random box, so I snatched it and set it on the kitchen counter in the house because I didn't know what else to do with it.  The counter was filled with all of our lunches and bottles of water and pops, so it just blended right in I guess.

A few hours later my cousin Kelley saw the mug and commented how it was just like Grandma and how neat it was.  I was elated!  My snatching paid off!  I told her I never even wanted the mug, I just didn't want it to be sold, and I was so happy she spotted it and wanted it.

It does help to know that many of my grandma's things are staying in the family.  I have several really neat things that have perfect stories to go with them.  But's so hard.  I never considered my grandma might not live in that house someday.  I never considered it sitting empty with a for sale sign out front.  It's so hard.

And.....there just isn't anywhere else I want to go for Christmas Eve.

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  1. Awww. Sending hugs your way.
    Easters to me are like Christmas Eve to you. It's just not the same…