Saturday, May 30, 2015

Spring soccer

We are on our second go of Happy Feet soccer. Mace played in the fall and really loved it so we did it again this spring. It's hardly like soccer practice at all......I can't believe how great the coaches are and how fun they make it for these tiny toddlers. They make up stories & adventures, sing songs, run around, kick over cones.......very toddler-ish. In the fall Mace needed our help a lot--a little bit because he was shy and a little bit because it was hard to balance. Now Rob & I take our coffee with us and mostly just watch him the entire time. He does a great job replicating all the little techniques and moves.      
Do you think Mace likes his coach very much?? :)) He is always copying Coach Kelly and always trying to get right next to him. After practice, we usually kick the ball around for a while, and then Mace has to go search out his coach to tell him "see ya next week!" and give him a high five. It's very sweet.
Just one week of spring soccer left and then we have a month off until summer session starts :))  Yep I've become a soccer mom! :)) And it's so fun!

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