Saturday, June 27, 2015


Still trying to figure out how Mace is three! At three-years-old, Mace loves Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, tractors, trucks, soccer, and baseball. He can name every sort of back hoe, excavator, transporter, etc......things I've never even heard of, honestly. Loves to read. Loves to eat--especially donuts, chocolate croissants, things of the farmer's market variety. Has the movie Frozen memorized (his favorite part is the "we-finish-each-other's-SANDWICHES!-that's-what-I-was-gonna-say-I've-never-met-someone-who-thinks-so-much-like-me-JINX-JINX-AGAIN!" part). He is mostly sweet but can definitely Hulk out big time if he doesn't get his way. Total threenager. 
To celebrate Mace's third birthday, we went to Kansas City with my parents to watch the Red Sox play the Royals, eat good BBQ, and visit the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. The Red Sox put a beatdown on the Royals and we had really nice weather--or actually, perfect seats that protected us from the little bit of rain we did get during the game.
I love this last picture of these three......walking out of The K like bosses in a sea of blue......don't act too thrilled or anything that the Red Sox just cleaned house :)))

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  1. Threenager - yes. The best description of this age.
    LOVING all your KC pics. The JC Nichols fountain - insert heart-eye emoji.
    Confession: we still haven't seen Frozen...