Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Loves hitting the ball and playing catch. Loves to read (new faves are Construction and this funny one. Loves to read to us (has Dig Dig Digging and The Polar Express memorized). Does not like to be woken up. Helps out by feeding the dog and by pushing the start button on the Keurig. This is his (our?) new favorite song to dance to. Still Hulks out--and you can see it coming a mile away. Still loves Stormtroopers and is pretty sure Darth Vader is a bad guy but likes him anyway #findingthegoodineveryone  Still says most of his Vs like Gs so Darth Vader is Darth Gator and excavators are exagators. Quite passionate about construction sites, construction vehicles, and tractors. SPRINTS over to me when I pick him up from school and gives me a huge hug and kiss.   
When you ask him about baseball, he will say, "We love the Cubbies, Red Sox, and Royals.  We do NOT like the Cardinals and we do NOT like the Yankees!!!"



  1. OMG, he's so big and so cute!

  2. I miss him!!
    Literally laughing about the Tootsie Roll song.
    Mace should visit my brother at work - he is in construction and would surely love to show Mace all the earth movers!