Sunday, January 31, 2016

Blizzard watch

We braved Costco and the grocery store today. Tomorrow is caucus day and the beginning of a blizzard watch. So now my already-stocked pantry is bursting. And my freezer is overflowing. But we sure will be able to find something to eat during that one snow day--if it even pans out.

Spring fever and Mickey Mouse on the brain like crazy over here. We've got our paper chain countdown going on and sometimes it seems like it's going fast but RIGHT NOW IT DOES NOT.

Mace is currently obsessed with the show Octonauts--and we don't hate it. It's actually sort of a cute cartoon. There really aren't any animated shows I can think of that are even tolerable to me anymore, so Octonauts is a huge win.  

We're playing tons of Mickey Mouse Yahtzee and Avengers Chutes & Ladders. Mace 100% understands Mickey Yahtzee now and needs no help at all in making decisions in the game which is really amazing to me. He genuinely wins most of the time because he's so dang lucky.

Star Wars still ranks #1 to Mace. The branding and advertising has got him hook, line, & sinker. His bed sheets, his valentines, every single snack at the store. This is his new favorite book that we read every night and he has The Battle of Hoth memorized.  

Cheering on both the Cyclone and Hawkeye basketball teams this winter--fun when they both do well. Especially since the Cyclones beat the Hawkeyes in their matchup :))

All for now.

Back to blizzard watch.

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  1. I took Olive and Jude to Costco yesterday as well! Good times. (not really), although they weren't horrible there.
    That lobster bisque looks like something I need :)