Friday, July 01, 2016

Buddies at Adventureland

Mace and I enjoyed a special afternoon yesterday at Adventureland with our besties from California, DesirĂ©e and Marcus. Mace and Marcus met as babies and have continued a long distance friendship of seeing each other at Disneyland or Adventureland in the summers :)) Now as four-year-olds, they are little buddies and actually play together and chit chat with other. It is so fun to see! They were both in their element hopping on ride after ride, and the park was empty so they went on everything as many times as they pleased. 
A highlight of this visit was finally getting to meet sweet little Julia who was quiet as a mouse and cute as can be. Mace has always loved babies and he spent a little time chatting with her and trying to make her giggle while Marcus and his mom went on a ride. 
Afternoons like this sure make me wish these friends of ours were not so far away! It really does motivate me to get planning our next Disneyland trip though! :))

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