Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Days are numbered!

My due date with baby girl is just two months away, which means this little one has only a little tiny bit of time left as an only child. He is so very excited to be a big brother and even says things like "Even though the baby isn't really here yet, she's still here because she's in your tummy" and "I'm gonna be a big brother but I'm kind of already a big brother." Mace has always, always loved babies and has really enjoyed getting prepared for his sister. He moved into a new room so we could keep the nursery for the baby--and he loves having a big boy room! He loves to practice swaddling and whenever we buy something for the baby he says, "That is so cuuuuutte!"
I know it won't be perfect and things will probably definitely turn into a total chaotic hot mess when the baby actually comes, but I've been so grateful for his sweet, positive attitude about having a baby sister (and also can I just say that age four so far has been twenty million times better than age three!!!!)

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  1. Age 4 was the perfect age to welcome baby 2 for us. Parker was so receptive and sweet (and still is) toward his sister. I'm so excited for you guys!