Sunday, September 18, 2016

34 weeks

While this pregnancy has seemed to be much easier for me (so far!) than when I had Mace, I'm now getting to the point where thinks I am due tomorrow. I didn't even think I was that big! But everyone is shocked when I tell them I am not due until the end of October.

I'm now getting to the point where it is getting harder to sleep at night, but that is about my only complaint. With Mace, by this point I had already been through doses of prednisone for terrible itching all over my body. It was right around this time with him that I started to swell a lot too, but that is probably still coming! I was lucky to be out of school for the summer for a few weeks already when I had Mace, so working right up until I have this baby could be what puts me over the edge, ha!

We are all getting very excited for Halloween here, one of our very favorite holidays--plus, the baby's due date! Mace has recently become obsessed with the Ghostbuster movies, so we are making his Ghostbuster costume and proton pack and it's becoming quite the project--but it's really fun because he is so into it!

We don't have much of a to-do list (besides the proton pack!!) before the baby comes....probably visit the pumpkin patch and go to a couple of marching band competitions. Watch college football on Saturdays. Watch Mace play soccer on Sundays. And just enjoy the weather before it gets cold.

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